All systems are operational

Past Incidents

23rd April 2024

No incidents reported

22nd April 2024

No incidents reported

21st April 2024

No incidents reported

20th April 2024

No incidents reported

19th April 2024

Temporary mail certificate error, now resolved

At approximately 0500 UTC today (19 April 2024) there was a problem with a routine certificate update which caused invalid certificates to be deployed to our mail servers.

The change was rolled back after about 90 minutes and the mail services are operating normally at this time.

18th April 2024

No incidents reported

17th April 2024

Mail forwarding issue (now resolved)

At around 16:15 UTC on 16 April 2024 a configuration update was deployed to our forwarding mail servers. The update inadvertently included some old configuration that we used when we initially rolled out SRS mail forwarding a few months ago. As a result of this error some mail sent to customer forwarding addresses may have been bounced back to the sender.

The configuration has been corrected today 17 April 2024 as of 19:05 UTC and the old configuration has been purged from our management systems to prevent this from occurring again.