Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

12th February 2020

Email: Germany DE IMAP service offline

Our IMAP service in Germany has been offline since around 11:30 AM 12 Feb 2020. We're working to identify the cause at this time.

  • The disk array rebuild is complete.

  • The failed disk has been replaced and the DE IMAP service is operational at this time.

    Disk performance may be slightly degraded while the disk array rebuilds.

    We'll post a final update when the array rebuild is complete.

  • The DE IMAP service is back online. We'll continue to monitor.

  • The DE IMAP server has experienced a disk failure. The storage array is currently rebuilding. We'll update with an ETA as soon as we have one.

  • 1st February 2020

    Web: Washington D.C. Opal1 offline for scheduled maintenance

    Opal1 is currently offline for scheduled maintenance as announced on 31 December 2019:

    A 4 hour maintenance window has been scheduled but we're hopeful that the actual downtime will be much less.

    We'll update this post when the server is back online.

  • The maintenance is complete.

  • Opal1 is back online.

    Customer applications installed via our control panel should come back online within the next 10 minutes. Other applications may need to be restarted manually.

    We'll close out this incident when we've been notified that the maintenance is complete.