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Stickied Incidents

29th May 2022

Web: Singapore MariaDB down on OPAL2.

MariaDB is down on OPAL2. We are investigating the cause and working to restore service.

  • There have been no further issues.

  • The MariaDB server is back online and fully functional. We are continuing to monitor the server.

  • The restore is complete and we're running a final check on the entire DB service.

  • We are still restoring databases to the MariaDB server.

  • The databases have been exported, the InnoDB data and log files have been rebuilt, and we are currently importing all databases.

  • The MariaDB InnoDB data files and logs have become corrupt and our efforts to fix the corruption have not succeeded. In order to fix this we are exporting the databases, rebuilding the InnoDB data and log files, and then importing the databases.

  • Maintenance
    Upcoming change to Apache/PHP-CGI apps

    On 31 January 2022 we'll begin a phased rollout of a change to our Apache/PHP-CGI setup to transition from PHP-CGI to PHP-FPM.

    This change will improve the performance of all Apache/PHP applications hosted at Opalstack. There are a high number of these apps installed throughout the platform, so this change should also improve the overall performance of our servers for all customers.

    We do not anticipate any disruptions related to this change.

    We'll update this maintenance item when the rollout begins and as it progresses.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change then please email them to

    2022-02-05 14:18 UTC - we've been rolling out these changes slowly across a small number of customer VPS and so far no problems have been noted. We'll be ramping up the rollout over the coming week.

    2022-05-09 14:00 UTC - all VPS have been updated to use the Apache/PHP-FPM stack. We've also deployed the changes on 1 shared server (opal14, SFO shared) as of 2022-05-09 0300 UTC and will monitor that server for a couple of days before moving on to the other shared servers.

    2022-05-22 11:00 UTC opal1 and opal12 have been updated to use the Apache/PHP-FPM stack.

    Past Incidents

    1st January 2022

    No incidents reported

    31st December 2021

    No incidents reported

    30th December 2021

    No incidents reported

    29th December 2021

    No incidents reported

    28th December 2021

    Web: Dallas Opal4 not responding (Dallas shared hosting) is not responding. We're looking into it.

  • Opal4 is back online. We've reached out to our network provider for details regarding the outage.

  • 27th December 2021

    No incidents reported

    26th December 2021

    No incidents reported