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EU network maintenance

Our network provider in Frankfurt will be perfoming maintenance on 23 February 2024 beginning at 23:00 UTC. The maintenance window is expected to last 5 hours.

During the maintenance network connectivity will be interrupted for up to 2 minutes for the following servers:

  • (mailbox storage)
  • (incoming mail exchanger)
  • (shared web hosting)
  • (outgoing mail)

The servers and customer web applications will remain running, but applications that make outgoing network connections may experience errors during the period that connectivity is interrupted.

Additionally, when network connectivity is interrupted you may see errors such as "unable to connect" in your web browser, email clients, or other software which connects to the affected servers. If you do, please wait at least 2 minutes and then try again.

If you have any questions or concerns please email them to and someone from our team will assist you.

Past Incidents

29th January 2024

No incidents reported

28th January 2024

No incidents reported

27th January 2024

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26th January 2024

No incidents reported

25th January 2024

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24th January 2024

Email: USA Change to default SPF and DMARC policies

On 23 January 2024 we began publishing default SPF and DMARC DNS records for domains that use Opalstack's DNS and mail systems.

The default policies that we published were somewhat restrictive and were causing mail sent from some customer domains to go to spam so we've made the following changes to the policies:

  • The policy for SPF has been changed from hard fail "-all" to soft fail "~all".
  • The policy for DMARC has been changed from "quarantine" to "none".

The net result of these changes is that customer mail is still compliant with SPF and DMARC but with a less-restrictive policy to help legitimate mail arrive in your inbox.

23rd January 2024

No incidents reported