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Past Incidents

4th June 2024

No incidents reported

3rd June 2024

No incidents reported

2nd June 2024

No incidents reported

1st June 2024

No incidents reported

31st May 2024

DNS outage (resolved)

About 1 hour ago a failed DNS sync with our alternate DNS provider caused an outage in our DNS servers. The outage lasted approximately 1 hour during which customers may have experience trouble accessing Opalstack systems.

The problem has been resolved and all DNS services are working normally at this time, however there may be lingering effects due to global DNS propagation. These issues will resolve themselves over the next few hours. You may be able to resolve them sooner for yourself by flushing your DNS and/or by power-cycling your devices.

30th May 2024

Web: San Francisco Intermittent high load on opal14

At this time we are tracking an high load condition on (San Francisco shared hosting) which has been causing the server to become unresponsive on an intermittent basis. The problem appears to be caused by high memory usage by the system Apache service.

We're working to identify the customer site that is causing the high memory usage and will work with them to resolve the issue once we've identified it.

  • We believe we identified the customer site that has been causing these issues and have taken action to mitigate it. We will continue to monitor a couple more days.

  • 29th May 2024

    No incidents reported