Opal12 was offline Saturday 7th May 2022 18:53:00

Opal12 (Washington DC shared hosting) was offline for approximately 25 minutes beginning at 18:53 UTC due to an interruption in network connectivity.

We rebooted the server approximately 10 minutes later.

The server is back online and we're working with our data center team to determine the cause of the problem.

We've confirmed that the maintenance is complete and there are no further issues at this time.

Opal12 is back online and we're awaiting confirmation from the data center that the maintenance is complete.

Opal12 is now offline for scheduled maintenance.

Opal12 will be going offline for troubleshooting and repair in approximately 50 minutes at 9PM US/Eastern time.

We've scheduled maintenance downtime on opal12 to correct the issue with the network controller. Details are at https://status.opalstack.com/schedules/36.

We suspect that the server's network controller is failing. We're now working with the data center team to have the problem corrected.