London VPS services offline Monday 1st August 2022 21:49:38

All Opalstack VPS located in London are currently offline. We're investigating and will update this post when more info is available.

The London VPS service has been stable since our last update.

The data center reports that the power issue is resolved. All London VPS services (including the name server) are back online at this time. We will continue to monitor.

The problem has been identified as a power issue; the data center team is still working to restore service.

Note that our name server is located in the London data center. If your domain uses our DE name servers then you may possibly see intermittent problems accessing your site until this issue is resolved.

The London VPS data center has lost connectivity again. The data center is working to restore service.

London VPS service is fully restored.

Connectivity has been restored while the data center team continues to implement the fix.

The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

The London data center has confirmed a loss of connectivity. The investigation is ongoing.