US webmail performance issues Tuesday 7th March 2023 18:20:00

We're aware that the US webmail server has been having intermittent timeout issues, particularly during US business hours.

We're working to resolve this but we expect that it will take at least a couple of weeks. Our recommended workaround in the interim is to use a desktop mail client or to run your own webmail server separately from our managed webmail instance.

Desktop email client configuration info is available in our user guide at: Email Client Configuration

If you'd like to run your own webmail server setup instructions are available at: HOWTO run your own Roundcube webmail server on Opalstack

We've seen no further performance issues on the US webmail system since implementing the new proxy, so we consider this issue to be resolved.

We've deployed a new IMAP proxy on the US webmail server and the performance seems much better at this time. We'll continue to monitor.