German IMAP email server relocation downtime

German IMAP email server relocation downtime, scheduled 2 months ago

On 24 January 2023 at 0900 CET (UTC +1) our German IMAP/POP3 mail server will be physically relocated to a new data center facility in Frankfurt. The server will be offline during the relocation and the expected downtime is 8 hours.

Customer mailboxes hosted on the server will not be available during the relocation. Mail that arrives while the server is offline will be deferred and delivered once the mail server is back online (no incoming mail will be lost).

Mail forwarding addresses configured at will continue to forward mail normally.

Customers will still be able to send mail during the downtime under the following circumstances:

  • Web applications will be able to send mail via SMTP and sendmail
  • POP3 desktop email clients will be able to send mail via SMTP.
  • IMAP desktop email clients should be able to send mail via SMTP but will not be able to store a copy of the sent message because storing messages is a function of the IMAP server.
  • Webmail will not be available because it uses the IMAP server for authentication.

We realize that the timing of this relocation is not ideal. If you have business-critical mailboxes and would like them to be available during the relocation then please email to make arrangements to migrate your mailbox in advance.

We'll update the status page at the beginning of the relocation window. If you would like to be informed of system status updates automatically then please subscribe at