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Past Incidents

3rd April 2024

Dashboard Control panel delays for US email

At the present time there is a backlog of mailbox and email address changes for the US email system that are waiting to be processed. We expect this backlog to be clear within the next 2-3 hours.

There is no delay in mail delivery, this is only affecting changes to email objects made via our customer control panel.

2nd April 2024

Email: USA Delays in US incoming mail

At this time there is a high load condition on one of our US IMAP servers which is a variety of issues for some US mail customers including:

  • Delays in the receipt of incoming mail
  • Slow performance in IMAP mail clients
  • Slow performance in the Opalstack US webmail system

We're working to mitigate the problem at this time and will update this post when more information is available.

  • All pending incoming US mail has been delivered.

  • The high load condition is resolved and the backlog of pending mail is being delivered.

  • 1st April 2024

    No incidents reported

    31st March 2024

    No incidents reported

    30th March 2024

    Web: San Francisco Opal14 not responding

    Opal14 (SFO shared hosting) is currently not responding. We're investigating at this time.

  • There was a second incident of the same type of problem but on a different site operated by the same customer. We've mitigated the problem to prevent it from occurring again and the server is stable at this time.

  • Opal14 is back online. The cause of the issue was high Apache RAM usage which resulted from a bad rewrite rule in a customer site. We've isolated the site and are working with the customer to correct the problem. We'll continue to monitor.

  • 29th March 2024

    No incidents reported

    28th March 2024

    No incidents reported